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Pact for Solidarity and the Future between the City of Kyiv and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

The City of Kyiv (Ukraine) and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Federal Republic of Germany) are big metropolises that look back on centuries rich of history. Both cities are located geographically advantageously on large rivers and have developed into strong economic centres that preserve their historical heritage and respond resolutely to the challenges of the future at the same time.

Both cities are also scientific, artistic and cultural centres of their respective country and fulfil important functions in their national states: Kyiv is the capital and the seat of government of Ukraine, and Hamburg as the economically strongest federal state in the Federal Republic of Germany ensures the world’s fourth-largest national economy’s access to the international markets through its port.

Together, the cities of Kyiv and Hamburg profess the European values of democracy, freedom and the rule of law. They stand up for the respect of human rights and the international law and are committed to peaceful coexistence in Europe and to the European Union.

With regard to the importance of both cities for the development of their regions and their countries, Kyiv and Hamburg wish to start a strategic partnership and therefore agree on a “Pact for Solidarity and the Future”

  1. in order to help each other solidarily in situations of crisis and in particular to provide humanitarian and technical support to overcome a crisis and
  2. in order to work together in the development of their cities, especially in the fields of climate protection, digitalization, mobility, modern administration and business development.

In view of the humanitarian catastrophe due to the Russian attacks on Ukraine violating international law since February 24th, 2022, this pact focuses on the provision of support to Kyiv by Hamburg in the first place.

The city of Hamburg will intensify its efforts for humanitarian assistance for Ukraine and take into account the specific needs of the city of Kyiv in particular. To this end, representatives of the cities’ institutions will enter into dialogue.

Both cities wish to strengthen their economic, cultural and social relationships beyond the current crisis in order to support the reconstruction of the city of Kyiv and to promote the further positive development of both cities. Appropriate concrete projects will be identified for this purpose.

Both cities consider the cooperation of their economic associations as very important - in particular between the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and its partner organization in Kyiv - in order to promote the development and international networking of their cities as business locations. They are asked to promote the economic relationships between companies from Hamburg and Kyiv through joint initiatives.

In addition, the “Pact for Solidarity and the Future“ strives for a project-related cooperation between scientific, cultural and educational institutions of both cities.

The mayors appeal to the citizens and the civil society institutions of their cities to support this pact – during the current crisis and for the day when reconstruction in Ukraine can start.

Further cities can join the Pact for Solidarity and the Future by mutual agreement of both partners.

We call upon other cities to support our goals and to stand up together for peace, freedom, democracy and international understanding in Europe.

This agreement is established in duplicate in Ukrainian, German and English. All versions will be signed on April 24th, 2022. Both cities will receive one copy of each language version. All versions are considered as equally authentic and valid.